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Do you want to earn Bitcoin while playing online games? This is for you (Update)

Gaming developers integrate Bitcoin’s Lightning Network to present players with Bitcoin (BTC) payouts within popular games. 

This offers the typical gamers profit from their hobby, similar to like those of professional gamers. ZEBEDEE is among such startups that lets its customers earn small amounts of Bitcoin by playing the famous Counter-Strike video game.

ZEBEDEE Opened Its Infuse Servers to the Public

Video gamers can now earn Bitcoin in small amounts by playing the acclaimed first-person PC shooter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO).

Bitcoin startup ZEBEDEE has started its servers with its Infuse technology for Bitcoin. The latest technology allows gamers to earn small amounts of Bitcoin based on their in-game performance. Even though the players’ share will be relatively small, gamers still earn Bitcoin while playing through their favorite game.

While playing on one of ZEBEDEE’s Infuse servers, a player will get a QR code at the start of the match, with a smartphone app to pay a certain BTC amount as little as 100 satoshis. If the game turns out to be successful, the user could land up with more satoshis than they paid as an entry fee. Players can then cash out at any time. The Lightning Network will handle all the transactions within the game.

Ultimately, ZEBEDEE is also planning to launch servers that require no entry fee based on partnerships. ZEBEDEE will implement advertising models into the game instead of charging players to compete.

ZEBEDEE Brings Lightning Network to Counter-Strike Game

ZEBEDEE is approaching Lightning-integrated gaming a bit differently. For instance, instead of the usual way of building a Lightning game from the ground, the startup is bringing the Lightning Network to a game with an estimated 28 million monthly active players.

Meanwhile, Zebedee’s Infuse plug-in itself is not only limited to CS:GO. The startup even ran a poll to see which games its users want to see supported for next, such as Battlefield, Call of Duty, Dota 2, Minecraft, Rust, and Team Fortress 2.

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