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Dogecoin Lifestyle: Doge NFT Worth 4 Million Dollars and Doge Wild Rides

Cryptocurrency went on a wild ride this year. Doge seems to be on a roll. So how does a Doge NFT worth 4 Million dollars and a Ferrari F8 Tributo is sound to you?

Dogecoin (Doge) – One of the most symbolic memes of all time, the Doge meme, just sold as an NFT for a heckin’ $4 million, making it the most expensive meme NFT of all time. Wow.

The meme went up for auction on Tuesday earlier this week by Atsuko Sato, the owner of the iconic dog Kabosu from the meme, and ran for around three days with an intense bidding war before finally being sold.

A bidder named @pleasrdao won the NFT with a final bid of 1,696.9 Ethereum (a type of cryptocurrency). This roughly translates to $4 million, according to the Doge auction site – which, by the way, is fully Doge-themed with the classic rainbow Comic Sans font and everything.

The Doge meme was auctioned off as part of a series of other Doge pictures, where a part of the proceeds are going to charity, including the Japanese Red Cross Society and the World Food Programme.


I’ll be honest – I personally f*cking hate the Doge meme. The terms ‘very’, ‘wow,’ and ‘much’ when used in the meme context; elicit a visceral dislike in me that can only be described as deep, deep cringe. But, that being said, I won’t deny that its popularity is unmatched (there’s a cryptocurrency called Dogecoin). It probably does deserve to break the meme NFT record; if not as the most loved meme, then as the most irritating one.

The Doge meme is one of a whole bunch of memes that have been converted into ridiculously expensive NFT’s, with the iconic Charlie Bit My FingerDisaster Girl, and Leave Britney Alone memes being just some that have been recently sold.

How someone can afford to pay $4 million for a meme, I don’t know. There are terrible ways to waste your money.

Dogecoin Wild Ride

For a literal wild trip this year, and the owner of this Ferrari F8 Tributo is quite fond of one particular crypto: Dogecoin.

Ferrari F8 Tributo’s owner is quite fond of Dogecoin | Source Image: Carscoops

As per the post on Reddit, a couple of folks saw this Ferrari during a notable Bitcoin 2021 conference in Miami, Florida. Most of the luxury car’s bodywork is completed in a bright shade of Tiffany Blue.

It emphasizes the word ‘Dogecoin’ on the rear quarter panels and has Dogecoin artwork and logos along the sides. The hood also features a massive portrait of the Dogecoin logo. This is definitely one way to do it to make a statement, .

Apart from being a prominent exotic car, there’s a possibility the F8 Tributo’S owner may shortly hear from Ferrari itself.

Back in 2014, DJ Deadmau5 had a Nyan Cat wrap applied to his 458 Italia. Ferrari didn’t take too agreeable to the wrap and immediately sent him a cease and desist order. Not long after, Deadmau5 sold the Ferrari and purchased a Lamborghini Huracan, soon applying it with the same Nyan cat theme.

Deadmau5’s Huracan, or as he calls it, the ‘Nyanborghini Purracan’ | Source Image: CarScoops

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