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Is your Nike Authentic? Blockchain can check it

Nike has been putting a lot of effort into fighting the endless supply of counterfeit products. As Nike may have put a lot of effort to produce new products, another counterfeit of that certain edition rises. This has become a huge issue whether you have an authentic Nike product or not. This has been an on-going issue for decades and still haven’t got a permanent solution to fight counterfeits.

On their official website, they also have a page to help them trace the manufacturer and supplier of their imitated products. This link is where you can report counterfeit Nike products that you can report as a consumer for the company to track them down.

With the help of VeChain, they will be the first to verify the authenticity of an Australian custom shoemaker with their licensed Nike shoes.

VeChain which is a Blockchain-based traceability platform will be used in regards to the issuance of limited-edition licensed Nike Air Max 1 shoes.

Australian shoemaker Chase Shiel and The Kickz Stand have made partnership on June 24 with Nike to produce limited number of sneakers that are based on Stussy’s SB Dunk launched in 2005. The said shoes will go on sale exclusively through Chase Shiel’s website from June 28.

Chase Shiel has made an announcement in November 2019 about their partnership with Vechain to trace and prove the authenticity of the product fighting counterfeits.

The shoes are shipped with VeChain’s tracking chip that will allow customers and retailers to have an access of product information by scanning a QR code.

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