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McAffee’s Ghost Coin in the hot seat for plagiarism

Ghost Coin made a partnership with ivendPay as an installment choice for Hong Kong candy machines.

Ghost Coin, a privacy coin led by John McAfee, can now be used in a vending machine at Disneyland Hong Kong.

Ghost announced on Twitter that it had partnered with ivendPay’s cryptocurrency payment system to use coins in more than 60 vending machines in Hong Kong, including Disneyland in Hong Kong.

The protected coin and well-circulated trade went live a week ago in the midst of the progressing contention encompassing it.

Ghost dispersed trade supplanted the McAfeeDEX disseminated trade simultaneously.

Ghost posted on Twitter, “When we 1st launched $GHOST our vision was not only to focus on #Privacy but also on real user adoption,”

McAfee went into hot seat after learning that a portion of Ghost white paper is a copy-paste of PIVX open source.

Although McAfee claimed to be involved in plagiarism, they are still threatening to sue PIVX for defamation. PIVX also plans to release the Zcash data protection protocol based on zc-SNARKS in the fourth quarter of this year.

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